Found 1st Mar 2007
Can someone shed some light on this problem I wonder...

Some links from the 'Deals' page fail to open. It seems to be links with really long URL's - something like this will not open - this is actually quite a short one to Tesco…379

Other ones that are a lot shorter open no problem -…401

This is the same on various browsers I've tried.

I'm sure it must be a problem with some setting on the PC. When I use a MAC it kind of has the same issue - it will open but very noticeably slower.

Any ideas??


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The tracking links shouldn't be causing a problem..Not sure why you get it but maybe just go direct to merchant? Or through quidco or the like if applicable.

I had this problem a few weeks ago,dunno why it started happening.

Anyway,defragged the hard drive and it seems to have cleared up.Also updated AVG and did a complete virus scan,though no viruses found.

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Yup thats a way around it but the problem goes deeper than that. Sometimes if I try and open a 'sponsored link' through a search engine I get the same problem...

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Seems to be something to do with Kaspersky Security

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Ok! Just in case anyone else has this problem in the future - I can't be the only on surely:oops:

It seemed te the 'anti banner' security setting in Kaspersky Internet Security.

Once I turned this off and cleared my cookies and cache all is well again:-D
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