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Would like to get this other half something from a Links of London store, earrings or necklace or summit. Heard her raving about them so it must be a certainty to make her smile.

Anybody shopped in them before, is their stuff any good or is it crap?

She's not feeling well at the mo so I've ordered her a couple of dozen yellow roses to be delivered to her on Wed when I go see her


their stuff is nice

Yeah defo top quality stuff, one of the better jewellery shops compared with H Samuels and co. Necklaces are around £100+ for a nice one. Charms for bracelets are around £45.

I got a charm bracelet from them for my birthday and quality is amazing - plus the name alone is great and everyone knows its a top notch brand

Once your oh see's the name on box your onto a winner - pricey but worth it!

How lovely you sent her flowers!! I'm impressed

Traditionally the store is "chavvy". But as peeps have said great quality and expensive xxx

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Thanks Folks. :-D

closed @ ops request, thanks

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