Anyone know anything about these wireless routers please?
The more i read on different models the more confused i am getting !!:?


Just ask away - is there anything specific you want to know about setting up a wireless router, or buying a wireless router, or buying one to set it up?

I have WRT54GS and know a bit about it. What is the question?

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Simon has been helping me a lot -i am trying to set up a wireless network with no knowledge whatsoever-its just i bought a new laptop with vista on it and i would like to go online downstairs instead of running upstairs everytime i want to go online. I have been looking at Belkin which Simon swears by , i looked at USROBOTICS, NETGEAR ,LINKSYS and Buffalo.I am even more confued now !!
I know it has to be a adsl router and thats it -with a good range as the walls of this house are pretty thick .

So basically you need ADSL wireless router. What is you budget? Usage requirements (are you planning to play online games, use music/video download, P2P, VoIP (free internet calls), etc)?

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I just want basic internet - none of what you mentined (i spend a lot of time on here and ebay mostly !!)
My budget is £60 very tops .

I am not familiar with Belkin but from my experience Linksys normally only works well after you tweaked it here and there. Try ]Netgear DG834G - this model is fairly old (read - proven) and people rate it pretty high.

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I have just been loking at the netgear DG834PN from Amazon £67.34 delivered cheapest i can find -good reviews and easy set up -any opinion on this please?

If you use link in my message above (click on "Netgear") then you'll see that eBuyer is selling DG834G for £48.99 (+ delivery, less 10 quid Google discount). Do you really need DG834N? You said you only want basic browsing?

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I was just worried about the range really - if it will work through the thick walls and ceilings in this house !!

I've got the DG834G and the couple of good things i could say about it, Is that it has a very good built in firewall and that it is easy to set up.

But as for the wireless the packet loss is quite bad and it seems to have frequent drop outs which is a pain when listening to online radio.

For what you want the different makes are a much of a muchness.

The reason i recommended a Linksys is the build quality is normally very good and most seem to have a 3 year warranty.


I was just worried about the range really - if it will work through the … I was just worried about the range really - if it will work through the thick walls and ceilings in this house !!

How thick are the walls and ceilings?

Brick i presume?

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yes, solid concrete i think-it takes ages to just drill a hole in a wall !!!!

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I wouldn't be listening to radio /gaming or anything. Just ebay , on here and browsing really.

The one thing I would try - go to nearest Staples and buy ADSL wireless router. They have very useful 30 days return policy (for any reason). Ask'em which router is best suited for concrete walls (Jelson-built I guess? :)). If it doesn't work, then ask for another one. If it does - check price on web

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Nearest Staples is about 20 miles away !!

I'd get that US robotics thats been posted today :…053


Most routers will work fine through ceiling and walls, I can use my laptop outside going through a 2-3 foot solid stone wall!
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