Linksys wireless ethernet bridge - £23.90 ---> can you get it cheaper?

Found 19th May 2008
Does anyone know where to get one of these cheaper than £23.90 including delivery (thats with my free voucher from HUKD):

Its a linksys wireless ethernet bridge that can be used to connect any device with ethernet to a wifi network.
Ill be using it for my xbox 360 to play online (insted of buying that ripoff £50 adapter by microsoft) but you can use it for a pc too.
Can anyone find another ethernet bridge cheaper or an easier method to connect my xbox360 to the internet?
The pic and link to amazon is in the next post!
thanks in advance!
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heres a new link and pic:

Ill be using it with my xbox 360. Its the cheapest option of a wireless adapter that I can find.
anyone, please!!! :thumbsup:
last bump! please can someone at least comment on this or give me some advice!

Looks like a very odd device, it's actually geared towards VoIP.. the … Looks like a very odd device, it's actually geared towards VoIP.. the Amazon description is very wrong.http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/WBP54G

Yup, but as it states on that wiki, you can also use it as a wireless bridge! :thumbsup:
The adapter runs on a 5v universal adapter which can be got v.cheaply. I think I have a few anyway. They plug straight in to a socket on the back which cant be seen in the pic.

The adapter lead coming out of the device is only a pass-through power source for a voip phone and therefore wont be used.
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