Linux help wanted for old laptop

    Hi I have a old panasonic toughbook (cf-27) running 192mb ram P2 processor @300mhz surprisingly its running xp pro nicely at the minute on a 40gb harddrive
    pulled from my old venturer mp3 player. What id like to do though is try Linux on the original 6gb drive. So my questions are as follows;

    1) What Linux version would be best suited for this (sole use browsing the web).

    2) Would i be able to get drivers for my BT 1065 pcmia wireless card?


    Try ]http//ww…rg/ the lightweight version of ]Ubuntu (the full fat version may even run if it can cope with XP), my USRobotics PCMCIA wireless card works fine in Xubuntu on my (very) old Tosh Celeron with 6Gb HDD and needed no configuration so I don't see any why yours shouldn't, but I couldn't guarantee it.

    Failing that ]http//ww…rg/ will pretty much run on an abacus :giggle:

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    Thanks i'll try that and see how i get on.

    I'd second the Ubuntu recommendation - I've been really impressed with how well this runs out of the box. I'm not sure about your wireless card, your best bet is to try and find out which chipset it uses as some are well supported and some are not.


    Ubuntu will send you a copy of the full ubuntu software for free but it takes a while so if you can't wait i don't mind sending you a spare copy.

    just a thought if your intrested......
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