linx tablet

    Im interested in getting this tablet for my shop to run a powerpoint presentation in loop on a 40" television. The linx tablet will be connected to the television via the micro hdmi port.

    The only downside i can see is that i would need a power cable connected on all the time as the presentation will be running from 9am to 6pm 5 days a week.

    Is there any other downside / limitations?



    you could do this with a cheap android TV if that is its only use? or hook an old laptop up? it's just a windows tablet with full windows. should work fine for what you said though.

    You could get a powerbank?

    Not sure if you could record the power point into a video file that could be played through a usb on the tv. Not sure if this could be looped though. If its possible its a cheaper option.

    +1 to above. Record your presentation as a mpg file. Store it on a cheap usb stick and play it on repeat using the usb port of the TV.
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