Lion king collection disney

    About 6 years ago i bought the lion king 1,2,3 set for £29.99, my mate tells me there worth a fair bit now is this true?


    Depends if its on DVD, there worth more as its extremely hard to find on DVD unless you want to pay a fortune. Think you could get quite a lot. Theres some on, have a check there

    One sold recently for £85

    A lot of Disney disks are wortha fair bob as they are usually only released for a limited run.

    Apparently the reason they dont realise the lion king again on DVD is because if they did, everyone would buy it and the other disney dvds would go unsold. Rumour maybe but they could make a fortune is they released it again

    Depends what you mean by a fair bit there is one on buy it now on feabay for £59.95.

    It is as I bought mine for £57 on Ebay a few months back


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