'Lionel Messi Dies in Car Crash' - is this a hoax?

Found 27th May 2012

Came across this article but can't find anythin to back it up, what do you think? Truth or hoax?
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lol - have a day off mate.
Who's Lionel Messi?
Just noticed the small print! Yea, it's fake!
seems legit...
It's about as legit as a HUKD mod's deals.

FAKE... THIS STORY IS 100% FAKE! this is an entertainment website,

Well, so called entertainment website and they are saying someone is dead in a car crash? How flippin strange.
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I always look on wiki as that is usually updated. I know it can be done falsely but they are usually quick to rectify any malicious entries.
Pan Breed.....Deed as a dodo....Game over.. Cynara...Auf wiedersehen...nighty night....Gone.
Look what happens when you click the photo of the overturned car X)
calum c

Look what happens when you click the photo of the overturned car X)

Oh my god, he died driving David Guetta's car lol!
Change the name in the URL to whatever name you want and it'll change the article.
Not heard from op for a while...

Click here
Only meant in jest, I of course wish no member on here dead.

OP is a *****, thats how death rumours spread.

I think creating the webpage in the first place would probably lead to more rumours to be honest...
is he still dead....................? (_;)
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