Lip sync issues HDMI and co-ax/optical

    Seems to be lots of people on here with some AV knowledge... (even those who have never heard of Onkyo... )

    Right, now that is out the way... I've noticed that both my X-tremer playing MKV's and my BD Player often seem to have lip sync issues when I use my older surround sound. They connect to the TV via HDMI, but the digital sound is output using optical on one, and coaxial on the other. The lip sync is fine to the tv, but not through the digital outs to my older Sony 5.1 system.

    There is no adjustment for delaying the sync on the Sonyor the two players mentioned, so do I need to buy a new surround system and just output everything via HDMI? Do people still have sync issues when connecting HDMI only? I don't want to spend £300 and still have the same problem!

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