lira, euro's or gbp to use in turkey

Found 6th Mar 2011
just wondering if anyone can help.
were going to side in turkey at the end of the month and just wondering what money we should take.??? my hubby seems to think ( thats dangerous at times lol) that we should take sterling at change it over there.. as you would get a better exchange rate.... when we go away we normally just take traveller chq's but hes saying turkey is different.. any advise
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You will get different opinions on here, I go to Turkey twice a year and always make sure I have about £50 worth of lira for drinks, tips etc when you arrive, the rest I take in english £ and change at local shops / jewellers etc.
We went last year and took a small amount of turkish lira for arrival, then changed sterling to lira at the local money exchanges, with a much better exchange rate. No problem at all.

We haven't used travellers cheques for years, so I can't advise on them.
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i just took lira, some plastic and a couple of hundred £ as a back up if need be

the place i went didn't have a markedly higher exchange rate than that i had got in england

it was quite cheap anyway
Take sterling much more versatile
As above we took a few lira and the rest english, we found the turkish loved English money and wanted us too pay them in that (this was in the shops on the AI resort we was at) so may be different elsewhere. Dont forget ur £10 note for the Airport aswell
When I recently went they kept asking me to pay for things in sterling as it benefits them more, but take a little lira for supermarkets etc. (£10 notes in sterling is best)
been to side and would never take travellers cheques or lira as you can change as soon as you arrive..any supermarket will let you pay £ and you get the days rate..and you get the change in lira..they all have the calculator handy! they prefer £ as it was explained to me their money devalues so fast its worth less before they get it into the bank!
i agree take a bit of lira then gbp as better exchange rates over there
oh and be aware im pretty sure they have men at alanya airport to take your luggage and they NEED to be tipped. Its a few years since we have been but i recall it.
Been there in 2007 ,lovely place . We took local currency [lira] but I also took a load of English notes and they were happy with both .Infact I paid the taxi driver to take us to the airport in £20 pound notes , there was no problem.We never needed to convert any currency.
thanks everyone for all your comments were going all inclusive so think its best to get some lira for the tips and take sterling for the bargins ( hopefully) lol
wouldnt hold my breath for bagains..last time we were there the prices had shot up...very little was cheap as it used to be. Make sure you haggle like mad.
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