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Found 30th Nov 2006
I'm starting this thread to have discussion on price comparison sites and search engines. Our usual forum policy is that we do not allow links to third party affiliate sites (which many of these are), but we're making an exception in this thread - as they are of benefit to shoppers

Please post any useful links here, and I'll update the first post :-D
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=5]General Comparison Sites: [/SIZE][/COLOR]


][img-float=left]http//[/img-float] Kelkoo

][img-float=left]http//[/img-float] Pricerunner






Compare TVs:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

][img-float=left]http//[/img-float] [COLOR=blue]LCD-TV-Deals[/COLOR]

][img-float=left]http//[/img-float][COLOR=blue] Best TV Prices[/COLOR]

][img-float=left]http//[/img-float][COLOR=Blue]LCD TV Prices[/COLOR]

[SIZE=5][COLOR=red]Compare games:[/COLOR][/SIZE]


][img-float=left]http//[/img-float][COLOR=blue] UK Games Tracker[/COLOR]

][img-float=left]http//[/img-float] [COLOR=blue]Gamesearchuk[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red][SIZE=5][COLOR=darkorange]Compare DVDs:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR]

][img-float=left]http//[/img-float][COLOR=blue] Find-DVD[/COLOR]

][img-float=left]http//[/img-float] [COLOR=blue]Billy Bargain[/COLOR]

[SIZE=5][COLOR=darkgreen]Compare books:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

][img-float=left]http//[/img-float] [COLOR=blue]Find-book[/COLOR]

][COLOR=Blue]Fetch Book[/COLOR]

[SIZE=5][COLOR=magenta]Compare CDs:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

][img-float=left]http//[/img-float] [COLOR=blue]Find-CD[/COLOR]

[SIZE=5][COLOR=darkred]And a few more:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

][COLOR=blue]Best mp3 Prices[/COLOR]

][COLOR=blue]Best Washer Prices[/COLOR]

][COLOR=blue]Best Sat-nav Prices[/COLOR]

][COLOR=blue]Find TomTom Deals[/COLOR]

][COLOR=blue]Book Butler[/COLOR]

][COLOR=blue]Airport Parking[/COLOR]





[/COLOR] Some more for your browsing pleasure: Checkaprice Easyvalue Online Price Guide Nextag Ciao

[COLOR=red]*NOTE: HUKD does not endorse these sites in any way. It is just a simple list provided by forum members. *[/COLOR]
I've goota go to work now guys, so I hope to add all those in later. Thanks
I still like ]http//ww…com for games. There are plenty of others, but I've done some testing and these are, in my opinion, acurate, up to date, cover a wide range of stores and, importantly, quick to load and use for those of us without broadband!

This is a helpful thread, but it is going to end up with so many recommendations it will be quicker to search the individual stores than all the comparison sites!

Rather than simply list everything available perhaps people could nominate one or two and back up that nomination with some reasoning. Who knows - we might actually end up with a consensus on one or two!

and if you're looking for a Plasma or LCD TV........]Web Prices

Getting an error on that one jakey?
I knew I should have reserved that third post... I can only put 10 images in one post, so I'll just have to list a few others.
I have more sites saved on my home PC, which I'll add to tonight (deal-hunting secrets you know)!

If anyone can think of any more sites which they'd like added tothe list, please post in here.
Thanks kirkie I'll add those above.
[url][/url] for most things, but mainly electricals

[url][/url] for mobile phone deals
phone-splat is good yes but I prefer
[url][/url] as it's got nicer menus and doesnt look so much like a pop-up!:giggle:
Just bumping this very useful thread by Emma - hope more people use it before posting "Lukewarm UK Deals!"
Can this thread not be made a sticky so that it has a permanent place for quick reference?
good idea jelli89
I'm worried that we are making too many stickies - there are 4 at the top of this forum already
Mmm - i see your point, but the info. in all those stickys is very comprehensive and useful for new members (and even quite seasoned ones). Could they maybe have their own header below Comments and Suggestions? The problem is that if they get absorbed into the fresh threads of random musings and misc, once there has been no activity, they are lost...just a thought:thumbsup:
I've just noticed that Find DVD has been updated
can there not be a forum for these kind of posts? faqs and tutorials or something, make em all read only.
dave smith

can there not be a forum for these kind of posts? faqs and tutorials or … can there not be a forum for these kind of posts? faqs and tutorials or something, make em all read only.

HUKD site suggestions are useful in the "comments" forum
but thats like 3 mouse clicks away :-(
Another one for games etc:

Price Tracker
lots of suggestions and compares different prices
A little bump, for those who may not have seen this
Cheers Emma, I knew about most of them, But a couple i'd not used :thumbsup:

A little bump, for those who may not have seen this

Ooooo, this is interesting. Cheers Emma.:thumbsup:
Another one for books [url][/url] although US based covers some of the main UK suppliers and you can change the default settings to show postage costs for UK and give prices in Sterling...
Stumbled across this great price comparison site for tv prices and unlike all the other sites this includes discount codes to show you the cheapest price. Really impressed with it.......
A bump for a very useful thread coming up to christmas :thumbsup:
Surely a thread like this should be made a sticky..anyway I've bookmarked it now so it can't go missing again. :thumbsup:

EDIT: sorry just realised that its linked to in one of the stickies :thumbsup:
[COLOR=#94954f]for books, as if you couldn't guess![/COLOR]
Excellent thread :santa:
Very helpful thread Emma! Thanks :thumbsup:
This thread is excellent! Very helpful!

This thread is excellent! Very helpful!

Welcome Thanks for the bump anyway, the forum changeover made th formatting go a bit wonky. All fixed up now
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