list of bad people on here????

    Hi, is there a list on here of people that you shouldn't trade with?
    could someone point me in the right direction


    probably not allowed to diss people, just check out their feedback before dealing with them


    no there isnt, there used to be banned list, pretty much useless really as by the time they hit there they where banned from trading anway

    Make sure you follow all guidelines before parting with your cash, eyes peeled for anything that sounds suss, there is a lot of older members on here who also keep an eye out on the fs boards for scammers and things not sounding right, and if something sounds just to good to be true then it usually is, and remember good feedback does not mean they aint gonna rip you off

    Yeah, check feedback and just make sure you follow the forum rules regarding gathering the relevant personal info, contact details etc.


    Imagine a top 10 best 'n worst across all forums :lol:

    I wonder who'd top the least liked in misc?

    why you all looking at me

    Where's BG1 when you need him?

    Maybe a list of all the good people would work, then you could go through it at your leisure :).


    Where's BG1 when you need him?
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