List Of Free Prizes

    Hello there

    I have gathered together some excellent gifts
    to give away as prizes.
    Some items are collectable and are in high demand
    and some are rareties.
    But I need help to gather some more
    if anybody has any suggestions, ideas or
    prizes they can add to the list please do.

    Here are some of the magnificent prizes i have gathered
    please do have some respect, as some of these items have been
    really hard to come by.

    A flat battery
    A 1 legged pair of jeans ( or should that be 1 jean )
    The hole in my bucket ( does not include the bucket )
    1 Soleless shoe
    1 roll of non stick sellotape
    A fart in a spacesuit ( does not include the spacesuit )
    A chocolate firegaurd
    A paper shovell

    And a new advancement in technology,
    a packet of pierced condoms,
    which allow air to circulate around the p*nis
    keeping it nice and fresh.




    I'll have the chocolate fire-guard, If it's Cadburys

    ill have the one jean

    I'll add the solar powered torch to the list.


    a four fingered glove good for anyone?

    A used condom?

    Under water hairdryer.... parachute that opens on impact......? :?

    The Kids, The Wife...!!!


    a four fingered glove good for anyone?

    Surely that is good for everyone...... as long as it comes with a thumb too.......:thinking:


    lol saw tht coming but nope...only the 4 fingers.

    Original Poster

    I like em so far :thumbsup:

    but theres one problem,

    The Kids, The Wife...!!!

    what if the winners keep sending them back :-D:oops:


    lol saw tht coming but nope...only the 4 fingers.

    :-D Glad we cleared that up..... :w00t:

    Original Poster

    Would some rocking horse s*it
    be any good to anyone. :giggle:


    I'll add the solar powered torch to the list.

    One of these? The last laugh is on us - THEY EXIST!!!

    Original Poster

    Right am gonna get one. :thumbsup:

    I might post one in the deals section when I see one at a bargain
    and see what reaction I get. ;-)
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