Listen to 4 tracks from the Beatles LOVE album.

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    Guess who's Heading over...FAB.


    Say Bye , Bye.

    Not a massive Beatles fan by any means but I suspect the 5.1 release of the album will be a stroke of genius.


    The Beatles are not about individual fans, or one off Countries, they are Global, 1 Planet 1 Nation.


    The Beatles are not about individual fans, or one off Countries, they are … The Beatles are not about individual fans, or one off Countries, they are Global, 1 Planet 1 Nation.

    They're a popular band... :pirate:


    Whatever! U know they R FAB.

    managed to get hold of a copy and have listened to it 5 times yesterday and comming up for nearly the 4th today

    my favourite version of some of these songs so far.


    plse Pennyp. give us mere mortals a more detailed review. ..

    Well my fav track has got to be track 4 "Eleanor Rigby/Julia"

    Starts with orchestral strings like usual, but the vocals are a bit more delayed. sounds pretty damn good then kicks in with the vocals with the strings throughout.

    A lot of the songs are "mashed" up together which I quite like, but I am into that kind of thing anyway so may not be some fans cup of tea, but will make a nice change and sound new.

    The first track, "Because" sounds a bit unsettling with just the vocals

    Third track "Glass Onion" I don't recognise the song title, but I am sure I have heard it before. Infact I change my mind and this is the best track!

    "Octopuss Garden" starts out really well, and the intro sample is how the whole album ends at the end of the last track "All You Need Is Love", with the voices of the Beatles. Which is kinda sad because it sounds like they are all having a good time together and as you no two of them are not with us today :-(

    I will not spoil you anymore all the classics are there and manages to fill out 26 tracks, Infact so many classics are about that several tracks feature 2 or 3 songs together!

    Quality is really good, a lot clearer than previous releases in my opinion!



    My post just vanished - will try again.

    Thanks Penny P. much appreciated, first review I've read. Guess who's going to have the biggest selling album of 06?
    The wife has told me to contain myself, as I will have to wait 'till Christmas as the children R buying it 4 me.:thinking: :-( :shock:hope my stash lasts that long :thumbsup:

    Surprised noone has posted the best available price on the double disc edition yet. Is £11.99 (+ any applicable vouchers) at CDWow the best price going?

    £19.99 in HMV is frankly absurd!

    sorry i am not big on music cd deals.

    best i have seen for single disc is about £6-£7ish so £11.99 is a pretty good buy for the double cd/dvd version
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