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Found 26th Jul 2006
Hi everyone.

Bit of a strange one, but hey that's me.

Ages ago, Radio 1 allowed you to listen to 30 second clips of chart music. Don't exactly know why, but would hazard a guess to allow you to know what it is! They sadly don't do this anymore.

HMV do do (no, not duvets!) this, but it tends to be with big names and more often that not with music that has been released.

I have a song in my head, well, snippet of a song, and I don't know what it is. If I could distinguish the words, I would use a lyric search engine, but as it's a summery feel good choooooone, the female vocals kinda blend in with the music. So I can't go down that road.

So apart from drawing up a big list of what it could be, and downloading them either legally or illegally (not that I am condoning the latter, but I don't want to have to pay 79p per however many tracks to find out I have the wrong song!), I am stuck.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Well you could still draw up that big list -but I don't think any of us telepaths can suck the answer out of your mind unlkess YOU know it :-)

Don't amazon let you listen to the 30 secs of the song -

And one place that i go when I want to hear music that is just hitting the charts is ]the Hype Machine - it gathers all the streaming audio links for bands from around the web. It's great if you are away from your music collection and just must listen to Muse' new album
I seem to think iTunes lets you listen to the first 30 seconds or so of any track.

There was also something on Digg a while ago that lets you find a track by its rythm...
101cd let's you listen to clips too. But you need some idea of who it is you're looking for.
Heres a good site:

Next time you hear it, get your mobile and point it to the speaker and dial 2580 and make sure you leave it next to the speaker for 30 seconds....they hang up and they will then text you the name and title of the song!!!!

]shamzam.com has all the info
i think ]allofmp3.com let you listen to samples free (although i'm a paying member so might be different)

Tend to have the UK top 75 albums, though if it hasn't been released yet you may be out of luck
Thanks everyone for all your help and ideas.

Sadly I still haven't managed to find it! I didn't realise i-tunes allowed you to preview the song, I thought if you double clicked on it, you would be charged for it! I know it's only 79p, but every wrong song would soon add up!

I have tried Shazam once before, and although it took a while, it was right! I had completely forgotten about it! Shame on me!

Sadly I have hardly heard it anywhere since I started this thread. It is on the "3" advert, it's the song with the attractive girls on the beach wearing next to nothing and dancing (of course!). I think the lyrics I can make out is "Now we're here..." and I think it's something like "I've never felt liike this", but I'm probably completely wrong!

It's not Lily Allen sadly. Otherwise this thread would have been wrapped up a long long time ago!

Thanks again everyone. If anyone knows what it is, please tell me! I've exhuasted all my options!
Sadly it's not any of the 6 they have there. Thanks for the tip though! I had a quick look at other advert songs and it was impressive!
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