listing on ebay (photos)

    How do you get the photos in with your listing? The part were you add all the info, noticed quite a few people seem to do this. Is it free?


    Unless you can write HTML you may be best using something like ]Auction Splash :thumbsup:

    I do it when selling console games, dvd's etc.
    I copy and paste them from other sites, such as Amazon etc, if they have them on there in the reviews, descriptions etc...

    Normally they are free - depends on what you are selling though. The first one is usually free (the big one in your listing and same one used for the small gallery one when someone searches - both free). If you want to add extra photos it tells you if they are free or 12p. First free one is usually enough though. I just upload my photos from my camera into a folder which you can name ebay or something easy to find. When listing your item click on "add photos" and it lets you browse your computer and you can find your photos in whatever folder you put them in. Press upload and that should be it. Sorry to make it sound in layman's terms but I am no computer expert and managed it fine this way! Also copy and paste if books or games etc from other sites and save in folder as before.

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    I think people are misunderstanding you a bit. I think you mean put them in the large bit where you do your writing. if thats what you mean you use something like photobucket i have done it but a long time ago. I cant remember quite how to to it but try googling something like....put photobucket picture on ebay.....something like that...there is something on the web because for a long time i had a copy of it. The pictures come out really big and look really neat.
    Good luck.

    Found my original print outs it is may have to join...very easy....then search their tutorials will be something like...ebay image hosting..linking an image to ebay description page. Main think to remember is when you do your writing you need to be on the HTML tab not standard but promise its quite easy...i have no previous experience and did it no problem..the tutorial shows you you to do it.
    Sorry cant give you exact answer but its been a year or so since i have used it tend not to bother with ebay now.

    Might be worth looking at that auctionsplash not seen that...may take a look myself and use whichever seems easiest.

    1. Upload pictures to something like Photobucket.
    2. Create Ebay listing as normal.
    3. When you get to the description, you will need to create HTML code which will include the linked Photobucket link.

    You can do much more than just add pictures, a lot of sellers even put pretty much a whole website in their description.
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