Listings...anyway of seeing if people have commented without going in each thread


    I have listed quiet a few items on here and have more to list. is there anyway of checking with having to go into each thread to see if people have made comments.

    Think i have listed about 10 things and got lots more



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    someone told me can only put 4 pictures in each so thought sod might as well put it in each thread

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    No they said i could list however many items but only 4 pictures per thread

    Keep the thread number (eg this thread 846758) then use google to search. Eg this thread " 846758" will give you this thread. Just save them in notepad and paste them into google.

    i thought it was 5 pics per post in threads, u can add as many pics as u want to a thread

    No you can list lot's of photos,but you will have to add another message in same thread to add more photos.I think you can add 5 photos per message in any thread.

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    well somebody has told me wrong then ehhh !! arhhh.....made more work for myself

    i know tomorrow when i start again

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    nobody is causing trouble !

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    Right thanks all....think i get the jist of it now.

    i will start again tomorrow ! In ONE THREAD !

    if you subsribe to each thread and select notification email it will email any comments to your private email address. Hope this helps.
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