LiteOn DW1670 and best Dual Layer Xbox360 Media

    As above basically, anyone use this drive to burn backs - and if so can you testify as to which has been the best and cheapest DL media to use?

    I have used Traxdata so far and 9/10 have burned OK, but as always, looking for a cheaper 25 pack alternative...


    Pioneer 111D writer, Bulkpaq 2.4GB DL Orange and CLoneCD

    Not one problem with that setup.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reply, but I already have the LiteOn DW1670...

    Just wanted some views from people with this writer...

    Thanks anyway however.

    i dont have the same burner as u but,
    i use Aone Printable DVD+R DL - approx £5 for a 10 pack of discs for 90% of my games
    they work well on my Samsung MS28.

    i also have some Verbatims for games i'm gonna play frequently (HALO 3) - & i use them, along with the Aone's, on my 360 with Lite-on
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