liteon lvw 5026 dvd recorder

    Cheapest price for liteon lvw 5026 dvd recorder please


    You'll get more help if you show you've put some effort into the search already. It's not a Kelkoo forum you know

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    I have researched this very thoroughly using various websites thankyou.I just wondered if any one knew of any deals at the moment that might be out there.I dont need some condescending person like you giving me grief thanks all the same.KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF

    I think you've taken Freebie_Fetish's answer in the wrong way [hence the wink at the end ;)]. I'm sure she meant it would be helpful to have a starting point [moneywise] of how much you've found one at so far. That saves other people wasting time looking at results from any equalled price found.

    In typing, you don't hear the tone of the words, so LiteOn up! Please let us know the lowest price you've found.


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    thanks i,ll bear that in mind

    £195.21 inc VAT
    only 1 in stock
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