lithuania anyone been?

as above, anyone been, thoughts?


Went a long time ago, before too many of the stag do started to venture east.

I stayed in Vilnius and readlly enjoyed my time there. Found it better than Riga (Latvia) where I went two years later.

But at the end of the day it all depends on what you are after.

yep. great place. well if you like beaches, old cities, new bars and eating out for a fraction of what you pay here (like £3-5 for dinner at a decent restaurant). best get a car and explore the small country that way. We checked out Nida out on the Curonian Spit- like a 50 mile long beach and lagoon that goes right to the border with Kaliningrad (russia), rented cabins, and went swimming, sailing, tennis, walking up the dunes. then spent a couple days in Vilnius, a beautiful university city with nice squares, restaurants, museums, buildings and bars. We got a really flash modern flat in an converted old town house for way less than the already cheap hotels. If we had more time might've checked out the hill of crosses or gone to russia or belarus. Eitherway a great place if you want a cheap non-tacky holiday where it's not over-run by tourists.

The women are bang tidy, I'm going to Riga later in the year and looking forward to it.

Vilnius is better than Kaunas IMO but it's a nice country.

must be ok - all the men are over here
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