Little advice please

Hi folks, i bought a samsung tocco lite 2 wks ago from for 70 quid delivered to my door.

but today i can get it for 55 quid from tmobile + 15 quid back from quidco, if they pay out, making a total of 40 saving myself 30 quid.

my question is can i take the unopened phone back to my local tesco for a refund (without the hassle of sending it off etc) and if i can what line do i take with the shop assistant??

thanx for your time


Can't you say was for a birthday present? They shouldn't ask anything, as its unopened and never been used, and you are within 28days of taking it back! Just go for it!

Tesco direct rules (should be the same instore)
If any of our products fall below the high standards you expect please return them within 28 days and we will happily refund or exchange the item. Please have your invoice with you to do this.

If you change your mind within 28 days, we are happy to refund or exchange the product provided it is returned, as sold, with all the original packaging, tags, labels and accessories. Please have your invoice with you to do this.

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thnx for that, i will say it was for a birthday present but they didnt like the phone so have purchased another


Just say you needed it to take photos of as you are running a scam on ebay. I'm sure you'll be ok.


not all items can be returned to store, check the back of your invoice for details.

Items marked with a diamond shape can be returned to store with a direct desk.
Items without diamond cannot be returned to store, call the number on your invoice to arrange collection.

next year you'll be able to get it for £20, you buy something today and next week it's cheaper. that's the way it's always worked :whistling:

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thnx for info guys, much appreciated
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