Little Big Planet (confused)

    To sart with i thought that the release date for 'Little Big Plant' was 5th November ----Does anybody know whats happening with 'Little Big Planet'-- i asked in GAME and they told me that the creators had put something on there that they shouldnt have and they might be extending the release date. But I picked up one of their trade in catolouges and it said that it was coming out 24th OCTOBER so im not sure wether that it has already been extended to 5th October from 24th October


    It is coming out in November now as they recalled all the games.…l/1


    It is coming out in November now as they recalled all the games.

    because it had words from the koran in it:thumbsup:

    Words from the koran that were set to music, which is apparently bad. Even though the song was released about 2 years ago......

    But some of us were lucky enough to get it. :-D

    Ebay, my friend.


    Ebay, my friend.

    .. and pay over the top .. I think not :whistling:

    Worth it :-D

    Original Poster Banned

    When in November ???

    only about two weeks later isn't it
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