Little Big Planet help dont know how to install downloaded metal gear solid pack...

    Please help just paid for my son to download the add on pack. it seemed to download but he cannot see it in the game. searching forums etc it seems to suggest you also have to seperately install it to the game but we do not know how to do this.
    can someone tell me in very simple terms please.
    both boys are now really upset. any help would be greatful.
    a desperate mum



    press circle, to right of stickers & decorations you'll see an outline of a sackboy. Select that & you should get it from there in the costume selection (but that's second hand instructions from an 8yr old). Good luck. Don't know if there's something different with this specific download as opposed to other costume downloads. Mine has only downloaded the free ones so far, but you still get them from the shop the same.

    EDIT hang on there's stuff online - give me a sec I'll post any links here…23/

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    thanks tried that but no luck it. i think this is different to the costumes.

    thanks i appreciate any ideas.

    So far I've only done free stuff too, but when you have downloaded something for a game it shows under the 'game' section of the main PS3 menu (just like demos), not in the game itself. Uninstalled downloaded content looks like a bubble, you need to click on it with X and then accept install. This should add the content to your game.

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    Thanks told my oldest your ideas and it seemed to do the trick some way or another. they both love this game so i dont mind spending a bit of extra money. The idea of them building their own levels at least means there is some sort of imaginative play going on.

    If it keeps my oldest 12 nearly 13 away from racing and shooting games all the better.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer.

    No problem, always happy to help a budding gamer.
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