Little big planet on psp compatable with lbp on ps3?

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Found 1st Dec 2009
My 10 year old already has LBP on PS3 and wants to know if it is compatable with LBP on PSP which he is thinking of getting for Xmas.
Basically he wants to know if.....
1. You can make new levels on PSP
2. If any levels can be transferred between the two machines
3. If any items you have earnt or bought can be transferred from one to other.
I thought this unlikely as it would take alot of memory and i am not sure the PSP would be up to it but said i would ask.
Anyone got both that could answer please.
Thanks in advance.
If things arent swappable i dont think he wants it.


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Sorry anyone have any ideas?


I doubt it very much as the psp only has 2 planes as opposed to the ps3 which has 3


You can create levels in the PSP version and share them online and play other peoples created ones but you can't play/transfer them onto PS3.

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Thanks guys repped you both.
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