Little Big Planet PS3

    does anyone know where i can get Little Big Planet for the ps3 which has the 3" sackboy toy with it?

    thank you

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    they were only for the pre-orders...

    a few ppl who pre-ordered recieved there sackboy, then the remaining ppl who pre-ordered and didn't recieved would recieve the sackboy toy with last batch that was delivered to shopto on monday...i dont think ppl who order now will get the sackboy with the game

    well i did :-D

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    well i did :-D

    you ordered without pre-ordering and recieved sackboy toy?

    Yes I Did

    and lol @ all the ones on ebay now!

    I got mine from littlewoods direct when they were giving £15 off for your first order.. very suprised when it arrived complete with a sealed sackboy.. didn't preorder or anything so i'd assume the ones they are selling come with one..

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    so where would be the best place to likely getting one (Little Big Planet & Sackboy toy)... or the littlewoods brand like Marshal Ward?

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