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    Errr I just signed up with topcashback (well giving it a try) tried one of there links they recommend kelkoo search. Done what was asked went back to my topcashback home page and nothing...i thought maybe at lest you get some kind of message or note to say that you have been tracked with this link.. Or does topcashback has to wait for a reply from Kelkoo to say that I have been to there site before anything shows up...or have I got it all wrong and making a big hole for myself that I cant get out off???? :giggle: :giggle:


    I think that's how it works Hellscaretaker, you have to wait for it to track and the time it takes depends on each retailer.

    Welcome to HotUKDeals by the way ;-)

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    Hi rayman, thanks for your reply. I just looked today and have my first "tracking" so yes it seems that untill the retailer replys nothing shows up. Which is a bit of a pain as you dont know if its worked or not..still at lest I know how it works where did I put them deals I was looking at.....:giggle: :giggle:

    I can never get kelkoo to track on quidco or TCB :-(

    Kelkoo seems to track fine on quidco... what browser you using Joshanna?
    Tis a shame its only once a day.

    Erm, ive no idea what browser im using :oops:

    XP? internet explorer 6.0?

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    Joshanna, to find out what browser look under help option and click about browser that tell you what browser you running.
    Regarding tracking from kelkoo on TCB, you must do a search for a item you looking for then press the "GO" button to go to that retailer once the page for the retailer has loaded THEN you should get a track the following day. Its worked for me so far and im using IE 7 :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    Yeah ive done all the above, but, ive now just downloaded IE 7, and im bloody struggling :giggle: i hate it when i change something, i cant find my email thing, i have to go to them now from my start menu!?

    Argh, ill be ok in a couple of hours....

    EDIT : Well, now ive got the 7 version, ive deleted all my history etc, cookies blah blah, i can get carsource and highstreetweb to track, but today ive also tried kelkoo and dealtime, ill update later as to whether they track or not
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