Little Johnny

    Little Johnny is in school and it is near christmas time, so the kids are giving presents to the teacher.

    Little Ross stands up to give his present. The teacher knows his parents work for Cadburys. She takes the wrapped present and says, This is a box of chocolates isn't it?". Ross says,"Yes miss how did you guess?" and she replies, "It was just a random guess Ross thank you."

    Little Jenny stands up and the teacher knows her parents work at the local bakery. She takes the present and says, "This is a cake in a tin isn't it?". Jenny says, "Yes miss how did you guess?" and she again replies, "It was just a random guess Jenny thank you."

    Little Johnny stands up and gives his present to the teacher. She knows his parents work at the brewery. She sees that the present is leaking so she takes a sip and says, "This is a can of Newcastle Brown Ale isn't it?" Little Johnny shakes his head. She takes another sip. "Right this is a bottle of Red Wine then?" Again, Johnny shakes his head. She eventually gives in and says, "Ok Johnny i give in what is it?"

    And through his wide smile Johnny says, "A puppy miss!"

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    Little Johnny asks, "Dad, what'll happen when my tortoise Toby dies?"

    "Don't worry son, when Toby dies, we'll have a big party out the back and we'll have all the kids in the street round for burgers and ice cream and games"

    "Can we kill him now, dad?"
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