Little Monster from 'Justins House'

Found 10th Dec 2012
My friends daughter has only one item on her xmas list - little monster from Justins house - she has been searching high and low but cannot find a toy of it - anyone here know if one has been made and if so where\how to get my hands in one for her daughter!

Am at my sisters so not able to go online much so if anyone has chance to and can hunt around for me would be appreciated x
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Sorry, I've looked and no Justin's House merchandise is available anywhere yet.
The only thing I can find is a puppet that was on the front of an issue of the magazine, but saddly none on ebay at the moment. It may be worth contacting the bbc, to see if there is any way to buy this back issue of the magazine?
Found these old listings on ebay so they obviously exist somewhere but I can't find anyone selling them. You could maybe contact the sellers and ask where they got it from? Hope you find one, I had the same bother with a Dora backpack last year!


Only thing I can see is an annual on Amazon ,,
Cant believe Justin is still going haha, used to watch him as mr tumble when my son was little lol,
good luck in your search ..
\thanks for feedback so far - very handy! I have copied my friend in on this thread so she can monitor it, take any action and leave feedback if needed ...
Justins House = The single worst thing Justin Fletcher has appeared in.
If you can take an image of the little monster from the Internet and buy iron on transfer paper which is cheap on ebay, you can print on to it and use on a plain t shirt or a pillowcase.

We did this when tellytubbies first came out and before any toys were released. We actually took a small white t shirt into a local t shirt printing business and paid a fiver for them to put the image on that we had printed off. Then we found you can buy the transfer paper on ebay and do it yourself with great results.

Obviously, be aware of copyright issues.
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