little tikes climb n slide castle

Found 15th Mar 2011
im thinking of getting this for my daughter and was just wondering if anyone knows if you can buy anything to go over it like a big cover to stop it getting ruined in the garden.
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I don't think they make anything specially, but if it was me I would just buy a ground sheet and peg it into the grass (unless you don't have grass then you could tie it on somehow.

Another option would be to put it away every time you use it, if you have somewhere to store it, I put all of our garden toys in the shed every time we have used them!
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thanks, its a bit to big to keep putting it away, weve got a shed but its full of junk lol can you get ground sheets from places like B&Q? im going to put it up in the dining room for now until the weathers warmer but would like to keep it covered when it is outside.
Yeah you can get them from anywhere like that, garden centres, hardware shops, camping shops etc I think they sell them in the £1 shop but not sure it would be big enough. If you got one with eyelets in and used tent pegs that would probably be best. Unless anyone has any other suggestions
They are built to be used outside, so should be ok. Maybe move it next to the house and cover it in the winter.
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i picked it up from toys r us before and its not as big as it looks on the internet so i wont really need a cover as it will be easier to just just bring it inside if i know the weathers going to be bad.
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