LITTLE Tikes Playhouse

    Does anyone know of any place doing a special on these? I've tried gumtree and Ebay with no luck. We're in Glasgow and it seems all the ebay ones are collection only and not within a fifty mile radius.

    Looks like we'd have to get it new, not used and we don't want to spend the £250-£300 they usually are, so if anyone spots a sale, could you let me know!


    have you tried mail order express i got my girls log cabin (little tykes) from there at a good price

    Try…asp. I have bought from these before and they have excellent customer service. The garden cottage is £90. Sometimes the boxes are damaged but they will always tell you before you buy. Give them a ring if there is something you want but it's not on there apparently they have loads more in store at a lot cheaper price!!

    I know a courier in the Glasgow area who charges me about £30 per item to collect, and sometimes does runs down England as well as covering Scotland. If you can get person to hold onto it for say up to a week till you organise colection you should be able to get one off one of those two sites. I've done it a few times, and Tom the company owner\driver is great - i stay between Dundee and Aberdeen. He charges slightly more if you are getting item delivered from further afield but you could always phone or mail him and jackie to enquire...let me know if you would like their company info!


    I have just bought the Little Tikes Sunshine Playhouse at [url][/url] for £129.99 + £5 delivery so £134.95, which is great value, considering it is £179.99 in Toys R US,. It will be ideal for my 2 little boys and it really looks lovely. Give it a try.
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