LittleBigPlanet PS3 Beta

    Anyone else manage to get this downloaded last night?

    Absolutely brilliant it is. Stephen Fry was an inspired choice.



    if i had a ps3 i would get this. i sad

    it it a gneral demo for download ????????? as ypuv put BETA

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    it's not a general open demo no. There are beta codes being given out by various sites i think, i got mine from Eurogamer (think they've run out now) that unlock the beta of the game.

    Can;t see it on the PS3 Store?! Ahhh ok ! If you get any other spare codesi would love to have one! Game looks great :-) Cheers

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    i don't have any spares sorry, might be worth googling around and checking games forums to see if anyone has any.

    but yes it is indeed a great game, with a potentially infinite lifespan. definitely fits the bill as Sony's 'console selling' title.

    yeh i got one awsome game.

    i was tryna get this for like 4 hours yesterday and what a waste of 4 hours it turned out...i didn't get the beta code as the site wouldn't even load for me!!!

    OK... I'm now officially "with the programme".

    After being unconvinced by all the marketing, hype, rumour & speculation for months, the last 2.5 hours of tag-team offline multi-playing with my 6 year old ("Awww... Sackboy... he's so cute") was all that I needed to understand "LittleBigPlanet".

    I tried to keep the game-play to myself for the first twenty minutes of the enthralling introduction/credits/tutorial side-scrolling visual wonderment, but gave in to the seemingly constant interventions by said small child's open-mouthed delight, "Did I mention I hadn't had a go yet, Daddy? That's because I haven't!... When is it my turn?... Come on already, give me the controller" etc.

    A review of this title based on such a limited time could never do it justice. We only touched the surface of the ‘Planet, and what it will be capable of.

    Any review, however, should include just three words... "Just play it".

    It IS *that* good.

    But those who know me, or have come to ignore me, should realise I do have something further to add.

    Do you remember the feeling you had when you loaded up the first "Crash Bandicoot" title on the original PlayStation when the cheeky marsupial turned to you & raised his eyebrow?

    Do you recall the many hours (and coins) spent on "Donkey Kong" as the Jumpman (Mario Mario) Carpenter character seeing how 'High can you go' towards the next 25 metre level only to be thwarted by a barrel that was faster than your little legs could carry you?

    And think back to the times spent with the same gaming premise but the differing approaches of "Hunchback", "Manic Miner", "Frak!", "Prince of Persia", "Chuckie Egg", "Commander Keen", "Super Mario Bros.", "Sonic The Hedgehog", & "Tomb Raider"?

    Well, throw all these happy hours, nay, years of gaming into a bag labelled 'Media Molecule', shake it up, and stick your hand in.

    Guess what you'll find... that's right, "CrashKongbackManicPersiaEggCosmicMarioHedgehogRaider"... a very large score at Scrabble, or the PS3's finest offering to date, and more succinctly packaged with a rather more convenient (and memorable) name of "LittleBigPlanet".

    It is like all previous platform games you have ever played, but unlike any other game you have ever seen.

    It is familiar but highly original.
    It is the title that is the current video games console generation's finest offering to date.

    All those involved should be congratulated for their vision, design, execution, and by no means least, their ability to capture exactly what is needed to convince everyone that the PS3 is a more than worthy successor to the previous iterations of the Sony PlayStation brand.

    It was just earlier today I was ]saying that the PlayStation 3 "is portrayed as a device for adults, with very few titles for children, or for families".

    This title will change everything.
    This title is The Next Big Thing.
    This title is the past, the present, and the future all rolled into one.

    This is Living.

    Now please excuse me, I have to go & have just one more go...



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    I concur. played it all night last night online, ridiculous amount of fun, and this is just the beta.

    p.s. you should ask Sony for a PR job
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