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    Just a word of advise for all,
    i have just checked my littlewoods account and found that a code i used over 2mths ago has been cancelled and the amount £25 take from my account putting me in arrears again.
    This i think they cannot do as this is what there site says about discount codes and how to use them.

    [U 2.3 Where you have redeemed a promotional code or any other offer ("a Code") against your order, acceptance of this order is subject to our verifying that the Code has been issued to you personally, that you comply with all the terms of the offer and qualify for the Code. In the event that the Code has not been issued to you for your personal use or you do not qualify for the offer, the price of the order will be adjusted notwithstanding any email or other confirmation that you receive.

    This tells me they will check the order when placed and if the code was not form use then they would change the order back to price before discount was applyed.

    what they have done is went through my account looking for codes that i have used but was not entitled to and cancelled them, taking the money from my account .

    I think this was wrong and againts the law,as i have past statements stating the code was accepted.

    Can anyone put any light on this matter and let me know were i stand regarding this.



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    loads of us!! have a look around the threads on here, its a nightmare!

    happened to me as well.
    surely its illegal, just dont wanna bother to fight against it.
    thinking of paying off and never ever shop from littlewood ever again.
    also, let all my friends and mates stay away from littlewood.


    If you pay it, they can remove codes from even further back. Id fight it, take it to court if you have to, you wont lose


    Hmmm. I used a first order £25 code about 2 months ago. Ive noticed Ive been sent an email from them for "my account" which is strange, since I didnt think I had one - and cant access it anyway. After the fiasco on the order I instructed them to remove me from their database and never send anything to me again! Maybe this is the content of the email I cant access!

    What makes it even worse.... The order was for a Car CD player. They sent the wrong one - and it blew a fuse in my car at the same time. I got sent another to replace this faulty unit (It wouldnt play CDs) and when I replaced the fuse at the time with another (turned out to be the Central Locking), Ive now found my central locking no longer works (tailgate wont even open) and can only open with a key.

    As it happens, it had to be re-ordered and it was CS that applied the code this time!

    I'll be well chuffed if they expect me to pay another £25 for this pile of poo!
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