Littlewoods BNPL buy now pay later codes

Found 30th Mar 2008
I dont know if anyone knows but when you use the buy now pay later code, there is interest added on.
migh just be me but thats what i got told when i ws ordering my i cancelled it.
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If it's a true buy now pay later, then if you clear the balance in full before the date you are due to start paying for it then no interest should be charged, however if you go 1 day over this period then they will charge interest from the date of purchase.

It should be made clear in the terms and conditions as to when and how interest will be charged, failing that just give them a call and ask someone on the phone.

The other thing to mention is to check which part of the littlewoods group you buy from they own about 8 different brands of home shopping companies and they all charge differently both in initial cost for the item and the repayment options you have. You can also find offers like 20% off etc for most of them, especially if you are a new customer, so if you need to buy through this method to spread the cost of payments then shop around them all and find the cheapest way to buy.

Other brands in Littlewoods group are:

Great essentials, Great Universal, Littlewoods Direct, Littlewoods, Marshall Ward, Additions Direct, Kays & Choice.
I think it depends on the individual code. I wanted to use one for a new tv, but the conditions of that code were that I had to pay over two years with interest ( I rang up and was told that even if I paid before the pay now date I would still have to pay the interest - I was fuming!) Anyway I just searched for a new code, found one which was fine - no interest added, you just have to be careful and read the terms.
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