Littlewoods BNPL Watchout!!!!

Found 23rd Mar 2010
I had a DS on a 1 year buy now pay later and then paid a £102.08 credit. in march 2009

in 12/2009 i did another order for £100 with BNPL without a free postage code.

the £3.99 took my credit under the change for that item i ordered first and then got a £30 interest change so what they do is that if you order a £100 item on a BNPL if you dont pay it off in FULL before the 12 months you get a £30 interest charge for the 12 months you didnt pay!

Either way i got it back but if your thinking of using that bewarned!
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Surely that is standard...?!
Well, I thought you would pay the interest from after the date and not have to pay the interest that you had interest free.
Littlewoods are not to blame its standard for any bnpl agreement, if you don't settle in the interest free period, you are charged from the day they very first lent to you not the end of the interest free period.
surprised you even got it back
another BNP thread

another BNP thread

looks like theyve resorted to speaking in code now
Argos do this too,we found out by mistake.
Erm all buy now pay later deals are like this, no matter who you deal with. If you dont stump up the interest gets added from transaction date.
Its commonly known as deferred interest.
I see now. However i didnt know!

Anyway i got it back as I think it was that I was £102.08 in credit to pay it off bu the 3.99 delivery charge for the dec order was taken of the credit.

However if littlewoods found out the amount of £30 off £60 orders i did they would not be so happy hehe!
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