littlewoods codes problem - (cant find other post) help plz

    i read a post last nite regarding littlewoods and the codes.
    i have joined the site as need some help myself.
    ive received a email like another hotukdeals user ( cant find that post??)
    anyway its from someone at shop direct and asking where or which website i got the codes from and if they werent issued to me they may have to charge my credit account , omg ive had a account for 6 yrs and used codes throughout! i had a rough count and over the 6yrs i can imagine £200 +
    i couldnt afford the payments on my account if they charge it all back,im a single mum and struggle as it is.

    im not posting to be told , told you so , blah blah blah - i know this

    just need some friendly advice on what i can do now ?


    just say they were sent to you on email/on the phone. but you dont have the emails to back this up, they cant search your email address. Just play dumb

    Yes I agree, play dumb - please keep us updated as you may get some further advice if they do charge you back.

    I have eased off the codes now but have used LOADS, much more than £200 worth and I know of others that have used more than me so I do worry that I will get one of these letters one day :thinking:

    these codes are on the website from time to time, so most of them are legit

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    thanks all for help , i will reply to the email now and will keep you updated.

    i just noticed something else aswell , i placed a order this morning ( no codes used lol )
    and it says beside it "credit rejected" so my order didnt go through
    i think they will close my account now - they havnt removed my remaining credit though :?

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    i didnt use any codes??


    they have no log of who they send them just say you have received most by email and some via letter. they do not know any different
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