littlewoods codes? will they allow this

Hi I have just noticed on here the 3 for 2 deals and also the £30 off 60 promo. Has anyone used these together and got their items. I just ordered some toys and only paid 30 pounds even though it should have been 90. Any body had any success? This was on littlewoods direct


hiya, I did this and it worked for me I got £87 for £30. Th only problem for me was that I needed to send 2 items back and ended up having to send the 3rd one too or pay full price but they still honoured the £30 off so was happy either way!

wheres the 30 off 60 for littlewoods?

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thanks for replying thats great, I bought some of the things on the kids wishlist, and then set up another account to do it all again lol. (diff card n addy though) Seemed to go through ok and will be delivered tues. :santa:
Its nice to get a bargain thanks hukd for the tips

ive done this about 4times, it works with littlewoods direct, littlewoods and marshall ward , but if your paying by card it takes the full amount off your card then refunds the £30 the same day but takes couple of days to show on your bank account, so make sure you have the money in(thats what it did with me anyway)

Didnt work for me,they took the whole lot of my card and didnt refund the £30 voucher,ended up cancelling the order to get my money back

apparently the code is not valid for 3 for 2 or card payment orders (so the email from littlewoods direct said)


should be fine

Has anybody got the code for £30 off sounds like a good deal. Or is new customers only.

sorry to hijack thread, but wheres the £50 off code, ive read about it in some deals but cant find the code, also is there one for marshall ward aswell.
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