Littlewoods delivery within 9 weeks??

Hey all, I am after a wedding dress, it says 9 weeks on the littlewoods website, I have checked the great universal and kays sites, but they are all the same.

I phoned up littlewoods, but they were no help, will it actually take 9 weeks? Or will it be a bit quicker? Anyone had any experience.


Not bought a wedding dress for a while, but if it says 9 weeks, then I would take it as a minimum regardless of whatever anyone else may say.

Sometimes when they quote a date it does arrive before that particular date, but in the case of a wedding dress I wouldn't rely on this.

as thesaint said, defo take 9 weeks as the minimum.

the reason they are all saying the same delivery time is because they are all the same group the stock all comes from the same place the reason they have differnet catalogues is to charge diff prices and give diff inerest payments etc, lol i should no ive gt in debt with almost every cat goin lol, i laugh now ive sorted it lol,
in my experience it has always come a little bit sooner but if its something u need dont take the chance because they are also the company that let you down the most!

hope this helps a bit!

Hiya do you have your bridesmaids dresses yet. I have four for sale, beautiful cornflower blue satin, adult sizes. Won't take nine weeks to deliver!
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