Littlewoods Direct geographical contact number please.

Found 8th Apr 2009
As above.

Tried it only gives 0800 number.

Thanks. Rep for help.
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Littlewoods Retail Contact Number
Telephone number for Littlewoods Retail:
Littlewoods Retail Telephone Number: 08705226677
Littlewoods Retail Phone Number: 08457888222
Littlewoods Retail Number: 0800702702
Littlewoods Retail Contact Number: 01512352222

Last one should do it

Littlewoods Retail Contact NumberTelephone number for Littlewoods … Littlewoods Retail Contact NumberTelephone number for Littlewoods Retail:Littlewoods Retail Telephone Number: 08705226677Littlewoods Retail Phone Number: 08457888222Littlewoods Retail Number: 0800702702Littlewoods Retail Contact Number: 01512352222Last one should do it

Wow, thanks a lot. I spent ages today in tinternet just looking for this number.

Will rep you shortly.:thumbsup:[/IMG]


Aww! Thats sweet.

For future use, could you please tell how to get such numbers. I hate to use work's phone. All I know is saynoto which is brilliant sometimes but not always.

EDIT: The number seems to be 'not in use'
EDIT: The number seems to be 'not in use' [/QUOTE]

sorry about that, I just googled 01 numbers for liitlewoods direct

found this
If you're getting automated calls from 0151 244 1361 and you want to stop them (particularly if you're on the TPS)...

Try ringing Littlewoods Direct on 0151 949 2200 - you'll get through to a human, at least - explain the situation and fingers crossed. Seems to have worked for me.

here ]http//wh…1/2

hope this helps hun, if not I guess they dont receive incoming calls on a land line
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