Littlewoods Direct help..

Mum got an account with these last night and got an email through saying stuff and this in it:

Flexible Ways To Pay

You can buy the things you want today with flexible ways to pay. If you pay the Interest Opt-out amount shown on your statement you will not be charged any interest. With Interest Opt-out you'll have 3 months to pay on everything, and from 6 months to 2 years on selected items. If you'd like to spread the cost of your items further, simply pay the minimum payment each month. The APR on your account, if you choose this option, will be 44.9%. You can also pay any amount from the minimum payment to the total amount owed.

Of course the APR is high, but the 3 month thing where you dont pay APR, what does that mean? can anyone explain say, she got 100£ of stuff and then wanted to pay it back first week in january, could she do it?



its intrest opt out, u pay a 1/3 off each month
if u spend £120 say u can pay £40 each month
so no she cant do it, but there is code for buy now pay next yr somewhere
and ur apr is highish mine is 32.9

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Ohh I get you, I don't think BNPL is available for new customers tho.

So that's how you managed to get your hands on a 360, naughty.
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