Littlewoods direct just rang me

    I said the person there asking for isnt available right now(it was me)
    is there a way i can close my account so they wont ring me?


    Yeh search their help section, just search for close account
    Strangely ive been rung twice now
    First was the other day, they played some recorded message and i couldnt understand it.
    Second was today and they only rang for five seconds.

    They have just tried it once with me, attempting to sell insurance on the item I bought. Can't you change your communication preferences on their website...?

    They were trying sell you latest deal of day.
    I rarely buy at catalogues unless it benefits me,like a code,but when I order on phone,they always ask and would you be interested in buying... for £££.

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    they said it was just a courtesy call, i dont want to be asked about the code i used to get £25 off a game i bought lol

    im guessing your only 16 or 17 by your name? if so they are phoning because they want to confirm your age prob. They did this to me as i am only 17 but i wasnt actually in and my mum just said she didnt want to disclose personal details and that was that.

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    i put my age as 18 on the site, but yeah im 17

    I'd say the only way to get rid them would involve blowing up your telephone and faking your own death.

    Additions rang shortly after I'd opened an account in hubby's name (without telling him lol) using a save £30 voucher, I just said hewasn't available & could I help. It was nothing to worry about just a courtesy call checking that we'd rec'd the order ok. They didn't ring back again.

    Yes nothing to worry about, they often ring new customers to check there first order went ok :thumbsup:

    i never got a call ;-( im not 17 though lol, i feel left out now, lw obviously dont value my custom rofl :w00t:

    Sorry off topic...

    I recently ordered a bed from Additions direct and a day later had an email from Equifax saying that a search has been done by them!!

    I didnt use credit or open a credit account! I paid in full by my debit card so why the hell would they do a search on my account without my permission!!

    Has anyone else noticed this or have read in their T&C about this??

    Any help appreciated...

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