Littlewoods letter asking to contact them signed Invesitgations Manager?

Found 11th Dec 2008
Have just recieved a letter from Littlewoods Direct asking them to contact me on a national rate number urgently signed by an investigations manager regarding my account. I have only recently opened an account with them (I have two with them) and used a £30 off code, anyone else recieve this letter or think its associated with the code? Hope they are not taking it off me!!!! any advice greatly appreciated
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Best to check the number's legit. Don't want to be the victim of any kind of identity theft!
They may well do if both accounts are registered for same address and same discount codes have been used on both accounts.....:thumbsup:

Dont call the national rate number though....Go here and plug the number in to see if there is a 01xxx number or plug in the name of the company call a local rate one...[URL=""][/URL]
uh oh
I remember when I first signed up to them ages ago I got a strange letter. They just wanted me to confirm my address etc ( I live in a bit of a dodgy area), so its probably nothing!
Yeah I got a letter today. To call claire sullivan between 08:00 am and 04:00 pm.
yip thats the same letter
from claire sullivan

my sis has got the same letter, obv too late to ring now but wondering should i just to keep myself right? i got the £50 code honoured and recieved the items already...
just logged in, its the account number associated with the £50 code i used there... i took out a flexi account with that and paid the £9 balance yesturday afternoon, theyv taken the funds out of my bank but it isnt updated on my account with littlewoods, still showing that i owe them £9........ going to have to ring them regardless now

shows under transaction history
Payment Received - Thank You 9.22 CR
but not on the main balance........
let us know how you get on a i think it said somewhere on bitter wallet that they would honour them.
cant ring them until tomorrow will get back to you... hopefully its just a routine thing..

i googled it there and someone talks about how they got a similar letter and when they called they were directed to the fraud team who said they were concerned as the balance of the flexi account was paid in full and wanted to confirm it was genuine.... strange
your balance wouldnt show for 3 days anyway - i wouldnt bother ringing them - why waste your money - if they really want to get in contact with you they would ring you - or send round the bailiffs - lol
ended up not ringing them....... backed out,,,, havnt heard anything since
hope things are ok
So what happened with this as i got the same letter with additions direct...
is there still a £50 code??

is there still a £50 code??

I don't know, I used a £15 off 35 I think... well it was £15 off anyway.

Guies wtf does the lady want? I haven't even recieved the item... LOL
Bump !!

another one!
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