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hiya , i know this has ben posted before but i cannot seem to find it on ere now. when you use the litttlewoods codes , how does it work .? I used one the other day £20 off £4o spend. The item i ordered was £52 so i expected it for £32 Although the 52 has been taken out of the bank and it says item 52 on the advice note that came with it is this right ???

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take a look on ur statement when it arrives (littlewoods) it should show a credit of whatever code you used, if its not on there, then you liable for full price, just give them a ring, explain etc, if you have the order confirmation email assuming u ordered online, then you should be ok , they will prob just deduct it on your next statement,......altho in saying that littlewoods seem to be tighting up on codes now, and clawing some back from people, so be wary of using online codes in future unless you get one from them yourself, as these codes are supposed to be user specific meaning only people that recieved them through thier email or statements etc


beat me to it lol

they will take the full amount from your account, then refund you the discount, but be prepared for them to take the money again at a later date when it's too late to return the item.

Only chance using a code on an item you wouldn't mind too much paying the full price for.

Any chance you still have the code, I want to order something but only with a discount.

"ChipSticks" is correct, they take the full amount then credit you with the discount.

Loads of people talk about being careful with these codes but I've been with Liitlewoods for years and used tons of codes with no problem.

if you have the email or leaflet with the code on then just ring them up and ask .. but if you have taken the code from on here i would be careful they dont charge u full price for the item as codes are only meant for certain ppl they send the codes to.

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the code was zg100 it was off a leaflet 4 new customers so shud b ok im hoping
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