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Hi everyone,

I'm looking at buying a K800i from littlewoods online, managed to find some codes from the dixon k800i link etc, but i would like to know if they would honour all the codes

Theres one which gives £23.50 off and another for free delivery.

I've never bought anything from them before so i would be a new customer, also another question is on the link for the K800i they list two models, the cheaper one says cyber shot & trade, the other says free game etc, just a little confused.

Basicly I'm after a k800i on O2 for the cheapest price as my K750i navi button is getting worse and it's time for a new one.

Thanks in advance.


They should honour both - could always call them instead of placing order online (would lose out on quidco though) as this should put your mind at rest.

You will probably have to pay by account rather than CC, but can pay the full amount when the statement comes.

I have just got £25 discount and free delivery on my first order - didnt have a problem. Just called them and told them the code and it was all applied fine. If you are going to call them then go to first, as there is a freephone number


If your a fist time buyer from littlewoods this code gives you £30 off a £60 order. Its either ZG0333 or ZQ0333, you can also use one of the many 10% off codes with the code above, the cheapest K800i is on O2 for £129, using the £30 off and the 10% off itll be £86.10, hope this helps.
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