Littlewoods promotional vouchers offer - HOT RESULT! - they WON'T claim back mis-used voucher money

Just seen on Bitter wallet:
When we highlighted the saga of the latest Littlewoods promotional vouchers, we thought we may be opening a whole can of worms with ants in their pants. Plenty of you told us how unhappy you were with the looming threat of having to refund discounts awarded by Littlewoods, because the vouchers were only applicable to particular people and new customers.

We heard from several of you whod had dealings with Littlewoods in the past, we discussed the matter at length with a solicitor on Friday, and ultimately we couldnt find a definitive answer for those who had made purchases using the promotional codes. Bugger.

So thank goodness for Littlewoods then, and thank you to Anthony Taylor for letting us know the following good news:

Further to your article I can confirm that with regards to this voucher code, we will not be reclaiming back from customers, regardless of whether they were eligible or not.

Anthony Taylor
Head of Corporate PR
Shop Direct Group

So those of you who frequent the HUKD forums, rejoice and rest easy, safe in the knowledge that both your goods and your bank account are safe and sound.



Oh nice...they told me on the phone 4 times they would claim back from everyone

Always been the case. The law is explicit.

It won't stop the usual brigade from voting all the deals cold, and linking to bbc articles from last year though.



Always been the case. The law is explicit.

Actually this gets around the law as they take the full amount then decide if you get the other monies back or not...its only against the law if they take money off you AFTER the transaction without permission...hence the TS letting them get away with it last time as the Littlewoods T&C's cover them.....totally wrong but not a lot we can do

Thats good.
So from now on can we use the vouchers, or are they changing the approach to vouhers?

goooooooooooooooooooody good


Does that mean they will return the £30 quid they took from the voucher and all will be well.


It won't stop the usual brigade from voting all the deals cold, and linking to bbc articles from last year though.[/QUOTE]

no doubt :roll:

With the Tshirt i got for 27p and 2 t shirts for £5 the codes worked fine with those as they credited my account back
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