Littlewoods scam email?

Posted 15th Dec 2014
After my dealings with Littlewoods and a certain Sonos deal I've had several emails from them.

Today's email though looks to be a scam.

Email from:

The main text of the email talks about "how to spot fraud" and "email security" but is delivered as >> one clickable image << (never a good sign).

The images links to :…P/h

If anyone else can confirm/deny this is a scam email that would be great. I'm just aware of the number of new account Littlewoods will have after the Sonos deal!
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I think this is legit, but probably because they have had so many scammers send from them.

I had the same email from Very not long ago
That url diverts to

Which actually looks legit.
I just don't get why they would make a text into an image if it is legit... 1: it takes up more kb to send 2: that's what a lot of scam emails do!
Pretty much what i thought too
I just received the same from Very
I received one from Very too
I received this e-mail also and deleted it straight away, thought it was a scam when I read the from e-mail address.
I had the email today from Very, didn't like the look of it so deleted it!
I have just had an email from link.littlewoods, confirming I had changed my account email, and adding "If you did not amend your personal details, please contact us on 0800 0920816"
I made no changes, so I've checked with Littlewoods and they confirmed no changes had been made and said to ignore the email. They didnt say it's a fake, but what do you think?
I did not try that phone no. but it does not seem to be on the Littlewoods site. Maybe it's false, and when you ring up they'll wheedle your bank details from you or something...
I get them all the time from Amazon, various banks I have never been with, BT, eBay. I delete them all.
I think it is a scam - can anyone confirm?
I think it's probably legit after doing some research, but just be careful with what you open and call/check in with Littlewoods to confirm if you're not sure.
Damn it. Just rang the number! Not sure what that means... nothing but an out of office
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