Littlewoods won't cancel my order

Found 5th Sep 2017
Hi, I ordered a washing mechine on the 7th of july from littlewoods to be delivered on the 14th. I waited at home for it to be delivered but they never showed up. Then littlewoods rang me to say they had none in stock so I cancelled it and bought one from ao instead. To this day after keep trying to cancel it they still haven't done it. The problem is its pay monthly so it's ruined my credit score and I'm saving yo buy a house.
What do I do?
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That's the untold problem with Littlewoods. You order's credit and gets reported. It's now showing as a debt.
I'm not sure what you can do until they cancel it and credit your account, then you can ask them to amend your data with the credit reference agency. Until they cancel it, officially you still owe the money. It shouldn't affect your credit rating other than showing as outstanding credit. If you haven't reneged on any payments this shouldn't affect your credit score and only marginally affect your affordability.
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Approach the actual lender under writing the agreement. They are joiintlky liable and should get it sorted out.
Make a complaint, tell them to cancel the agreement and repair your credit file, if not then your local trading standards will help.
If they refuse to settle the complaint, ask for a deadlock letter, that'll be enough to start a small claim against them, less than £30 to take them to court and most likely you'll win by default, it's not worth the money for them to send a solicitor to defend.
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