email ??

I've just had an email from offering me a massive discount code on xboxlive points and sub's
i've looked on google and can't find anything about it being fake..... anyone else had one ???


how bigs this discount?

is it a code you insert on thier website or what?

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Copy of the email ..... there is no link in the email to the site !!!

Hope you have all had a great start to 2010! We would like to offer you a discount on all our products until the end of the week.

Discounts are-

1 Month XboxLIVE - £0.50

3 Month XboxLIVE - £0.75

12 Month XboxLIVE - £2.00

800 LIVE Points - £1.00

2100 LIVE Points - £0.50

4200 LIVE Points -£1.00

Sky Player - £1.50

Xbox Media Remote - £1.50

To receive your discount please enter the promo code PROMO5172. Code valid until 23.59 31/01/2010 GMT.

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have not tried the code though

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lmao ignore me! lol i've read the email wrong! lol it is discounts off not the prices lmao !!!!

sorry !!!!

£2 for 12 months of xbox live?

Too good to be true.

EDIT: Ahh i see

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lol u read it the same as me then! lmao glad its not just me going mad in my old age! lol

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just posted it on hte vouchers board lol
see how many people read it that way too !!!
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