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    Hi all, I made a couple of other comments on other threads but not had much info on whether this is actually possible or not.

    Now I know about places like which streams it for free but to be honest the quality is a little poor and ideally I would like to stream the games and watch them on a 42" TV.

    I'd be quite happy to pay for it but have no idea if any are legal or even a scam.

    Did a quick search on Google but nothing looks that good.

    So...good quality streams on the web and not a bad price. Anyone know of good sites?


    i use livefooty doctor
    dont pay for any they are a scam as will just direct u to justintv or livefooty,
    have you tried streaming to your tv with justin to check the quality

    Original Poster

    no i haven't simply because the quality isn't that great on my C let alone a plasma TV.

    Thanks for the info.

    Whats livefooty doctor then?

    if im watching a film the quality is always better on the tv than it is on the monitor so might be worth a try,
    to be honest though i have never seen one that is great quality

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    I would have thought there would be a greater demand for this to be honest. Especially if people were willing to pay and was cheaper than subsrcibing to Sky/Virgin.

    Maybe in the future

    New to this but I'm Keen to learn!
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