Live Football Stream MyP2P has Moved.......

Found 24th Aug 2011
I know lots of people like to stream football over the net to watch live football instead of pay loads of money to sky and espn me included. I noticed last weekend the best place to do this, MyP2P has been removed

After a bit of searching i found they have moved their server to here

So i hope this helps people this weekend who may thought MyP2P had gone
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thanks was looking last week. Ended up finding another good one tho. think its called first row or something?
Which is the fake site???

Which is the fake site??? is the fake site
Thank you - can't do without my footie on a Saturday afternoon
Thank you
goto go thru the myp2p forums

problem with the main site
I can't remember who, or even in which thread, but someone posted a link to their main page last week which said that they were having problems with their servers and there was an alternative (neither of the two mentioned above) but the .bz site is fake.
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