Liverpool Half Marathon Entry needed desperately!!!!

    Hi there. I REALLY need to secure a place in the Liverpool Half Marathon (28th March) which until recently, was unlimited entry but due to unprecedented interest has peaked out at maximum capacity!

    Is there any kind soul who has a ticket or who knows someone with a ticket who won't be running due to injury or any other unfortunate circumstance?

    My partner has managed to secure a place and I was supposed to be running it with her to raise money for the British Heart Foundation as her dad has suffered alot due to his heart condition. On top of that, this was supposed to be my first half marathon and I've been training for ages, it'd be gutting to miss out!

    If anyone does have a ticket available, I would happily pay the entrance fee they paid and double that as my donation/contribution to my run. That'd teach me not to be silly and leave it to the last minute next time as well as make something good out of something bad!

    If anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate it! (I'll even give you a red little dot of rep!)

    Thanks in advance

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